There is room

There’s something special we all have to share with the world. Things that are unique to each of us. Competition is healthy. It helps keep us sharp, it promotes innovation and creates a climate for ideas to flourish. But sometimes, it can be divisive and bring out the worst in us.
Even if a thousand other women may be operating in the space you’re in, only you can do it the way you can. You bring your superpower to everything you do. You.
There is no competition when you’re manifesting in your own lane. ~ Unknown
When I see women going at each other, tearing each other down for the sake of competition, it grieves me. Competition that is rooted in destroying another is not healthy. It comes from a place of fear, insecurity, lack of trust in one’s self and a strong belief in scarcity. You see scarcity says there is not enough. Not enough projects, opportunities, ideas, or clients to go around. The not-enough mindset is harmful. It causes us to go through the world tight-fisted, mistrustful, afraid. It leads us to believe that someone wants to take what we have, or deprive us of having the things we desire.
How about we complete each other instead of competing? Pull up a seat. There’s room for us all.

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