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I believe we all win when more women start businesses and stand in leadership roles. It doesn't matter if we helm one-woman shops or multinational corporations. What matters is that we are making strides in empowering ourselves economically.

In 2007 I left my last job and launched my business. Everyone said I shouldn’t. I had a good job, was making good money, and I had allowances and yearly travel opportunities. But I felt like I had outgrown that stage and space in my life.

Fast-forward to 2018, I’m still here, doing the work I enjoy, helping businesses to put their best work and face forward. Through my work at FemmePowered I help women share their talents, skills, and ideas with the people they matter to. I do this by providing them with the support, tool, and resources they may need.

Let’s collaborate on your next project or explore that business or idea you’ve always wanted to start.

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Does this space look different?

Maybe it does. I did some shifting. When I launched FemmePowered back in 2014, it was a personal blog. I was coming out of an abusive marriage that left me with emotional and physical scars. I found that sharing my story was therapeutic to me, yet encouraging to others.

I am always craving expansion. That’s how I know it’s time to pivot and evolve. The journey to come to this place has been incredible. In the process of growing and re-writing my story, I’ve found that I’ve outgrown it. I no longer want to be identified by where I’ve been. Only where I am going, who I'm becoming.

In June 2018, I took the decision to pivot the course of FemmePowered, yet remain woman-centric. My focus is now on developing entrepreneurs and supporting business leaders. I’m an entrepreneur who believes the world wins with more women in business and leadership roles. I’m here to help women share their gifts and ideas with the people they matter to, by providing them with the support, tool, and resources they may need. If this new phase resonates with you, do stick around to see what comes next.

Events & Activities

  • The Cocktails & Conversation book club is a monthly club for book lovers. We meet on the second Saturday of each month at The Connection.

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  • I’ve been privileged to collaborate with women business owners, coaches, corporate brands, and non-profits. Check out the recent collabs.

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  • Check out my past and upcoming events. If you'd like to pitch an idea for an event or suggest a collaboration, feel free to get in touch.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Connecting with FemmePowered was the beginning of my personal journey of self empowerment and confidence to take my business to the next level. Our recent collaborations have been some the most worthwhile investments so far. I would definitely encourage other women to join the FemmePowered movement.

    Marcella Jeremiah ReneeScentsationz
  • Carlana is a connector. A connector of the stories we hold in heart. A connector of our life's begin-agains. Through both her words and her works-- she paves inspiring spaces for others to be seen, to share truths, and to allow for our 'in spite of's to turn into our because of's'. Indeed...this is a woman who truly and gracefully - walks her talk.

    Carly King Carly Soul Healing Arts

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