Hello, again.

I know; it’s been a while. I took a break from hosting events, writing on the blog, the newsletter and elsewhere, including social media. I needed to tend to life, offline.

The past few months have been a time of immense growth. This growth has been fraught with challenges. During that time, a lot happened. I’ve dealt with death of a family member, and I embraced expansion in my professional work. I traveled, started a new degree, and I took on a renovation project that snowballed like crazy. And, as gracefully as possible, I closed some doors. Doors to situations, ideas, and connections that were not feeding my growth or propelling me in my purpose.

I became a lot more deliberate in my choices, too, especially with regards to where my time, focus, and energy went. I  let go of the past and leaned into the present, rose to challenges, and focused on the here and now, the present, the real, the offline. I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to friends and family, going out for breakfast or lunch with my sister-friends, and untethering from the digital space. I can say that I am more connected than ever before to the people that are important to me.

You know, there’s a clarity and a serenity you stumble into when you’re not bombarded by noise. You get a mental and emotional whitespace that’s hard to achieve when you’re constantly engaged with the happenings on social media, the web, and the mass media in general.

Over the past couple months it became incredibly clear what’s for me and what isn’t. You see even though everyone seems to be doing social media, sharing their life in status updates, tweets, and carefully selected and filtered Instagram images, being invested in, and engaging in social media is exhausting and unnatural to me. I don’t need to know what others are thinking, eating, and doing, and they don’t need to know the same about me. Sharing my life with people who walk past me on the streets but are in my friend feed seem so…antisocial. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against social media or the web space and the relationships that people have there. But I’m more interested in the face to face conversations with people who know my heart and have my back. I’m more into writing in my journal than on my Facebook wall. I want to capture moments with the people in my life instead of taking and sharing pictures of them. I get filled being present with the people in my life. There’s something about being witness to the unfolding of their lives. It’s intimate and tangible and real. And it fuels me, inspires me, and fosters genuine connection in my life.

So I’m back, but my focus going forward is on the blog and newsletter. However, when the mood strikes, I may post something to the FemmePowered Facebook page. I imagine that will not be often.

As we enter into October, I want to challenge you. Do your best to be more engaged with your surroundings and the people and things in your physical, tangible world, more than you are with the world behind the small screen in your hand, or the one on your desk.

Wishing you well, always,

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