Grace over Grind

It’s after 3 am on a Sunday and I’m up reading Grace Over Grind: How Grace Will Take Your Business Where Grinding Can’t. I’ve been reading more business books lately. Especially those that explore work as part of one’s calling. I hold the notion that when your work is service unto the Divine you’ll see a shift in the way you work and who you do it for.
Grace over Grind discusses how grace will take your business places where hustling can’t. This message is refreshing to me. You see, I really dislike the word ‘hustle’. And I don’t understand how modern entrepreneurship has glorified hustle and grind. When we approach our work from a hustle and grind mentality, it shows up in our work, the way we deliver it, and the people we serve.
Hustle. A small, yet loaded word. We hustle for success and a sense of worthiness. We grind ourselves into the ground through burnout and fatigue. I know hard work comes with building a brand and business, but grinding and hustling have never seemed to fit with the Divine’s plan for my business. As I move into the next phase of my business, I’m choosing to build it with grace, strategy and sweatless anointing.
Grace is my hustle. What’s yours?

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