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How have you all been? It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I’ve been doing others things that have kept me away from this space, all in the interest of self-care. Yes, I know you’re probably tired of hearing this oh-so-popularized buzzword, but it’s true. Self-care matters. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Since I last touched in I’ve been spending a lot of time taking in podcasts, listening to audiobooks, spending time with those people that are really important to me, reading, exercising and getting a lot of rest. Since starting FemmePowered, I have been going, going, going. If I’m not planning an event, I reviewing one, preparing content for the blog, writing articles for other sites, partnering with others with the same passion for women and community. Having and maintaining a self-care practice has been missing from my life for a long time. And I have felt the impact of its absence in some rough ways. I took the decision to step away from some of the things that took much of my time and attention to care for the most important thing in my world: me.

For the past month, I have been spending my weekends at home, just being with myself, celebrating myself. I have stopped going into the office on weekends and I don’t do anything work-related till Monday. The entire weekend, especially Sundays are my day for self-care. I’m slowly crafting a routine that is not too unstructured, so I don’t fall back into old ways, like working on my laptop from bed all weekend-long, after going on the check an email. I start my Saturdays off by sleeping in late and then having brunch or lunch with one of my girls. I come home, listen to some podcasts, journal, watch some old episodes of my favorite shows, read, and go to the beach or for a run in the event. Sundays, I may go to lunch with a friend, but most of the time is spent in bed reading, relaxing, or just journaling. Having this routine for the past month has me feeling rejuvenated on a Monday, which, I now look forward to.

For me, self-care is about being intentional about creating space in my life for myself. It involves turning inward, coming back to the home within, to nurture, refill, rest. It’s not about looking outside myself and it’s about engaging in practices that nurture my mind, body, and spirit, and doing so without buying into the notion that I need to purchase self-care through some carefully marketed product or experience. Just sitting with myself, being in my presence, exploring my thoughts, getting in touch with my higher self and emotions is self-care. In an age where marketers tell us that we can buy products and skillfully packaged experiences to experience self-care,  it makes me pleased to know that my ability to access such an experience is not limited to or by my spending power.

What does self-care look like to you, and how are you incorporating it into your daily routine? Stay tuned to Friday’s post for a guest post on rest and self-care.

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