Write Your Best Year

I’m excited to invite you to my first workshop of 2020, Write Your Best Year. Write your way to an incredible 2020! This workshop is an invitation to create an intentional year, reconnect with your heart’s desires, and get clear and focused on what you want to achieve and how you desire to live in 2020. In our session, we will explore and create a clear vision of 2020 through journaling and quiet reflection.

Register using the form below or via WhatsApp on 473.535.5000.

Date & Time: Saturday 4 January 2020 from 3-5 PM

Venue: Higher Level Conference Room, Grenville, St. Andrew’s

RSVP: Email: email@femmepowered.org 

WhatsApp: 473.535.5000

Price: $50 before 31 December 2019. $60 after

Material and refreshments provided

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