About FemmePowered

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Established in 2014 as a community and a hub, FemmePowered’s focus has been on challenging the status quo, and creating safe spaces for women to connect, learn, find support, explore entrepreneurial pathways, and strive for professional growth.

FemmePowered is also a social enterprise. And as a social enterprise, it tackles social problems, improves communities, and people’s life chances. Through workshops, speaking, e-courses, events, coaching, sponsorship, blogging and writing, FemmePowered strives to be a solution to the challenges faced by women and by extension, our communities.

Welcome to the website. I’m Carlana, the founder, and curator FemmePowered. This corner of the web has evolved over the years but the aim has always been to inspire women to live intentionally, challenge the status quo, and create the lives they crave. As the curator of this space, I write, tell stories, and start conversations that promote the fullness and richness of womanhood.

Each of us has that right, that possibility, to invent ourselves daily. If a person does not invent herself, she will be invented. So, to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise.

Maya Angelou

In 2020 we decided to switch things up a bit. A pandemic will do that for you. We moved all of our events virtually and decided to put our focus on conversations with women around the world who are dedicated to living intentional, authentic, wholehearted lives. You’ll find podcast episodes and links and resources associated with them here. Our voices are powerful vehicles for expressing ideas, sharing truth, and challenging the way we live and show up in the world.

The book club I launched in 2018 in collaboration with the Connection is still active. We took a break due to COVID-19 and hope we can meet again soon. If you would like to join us, feel free to get in touch.

At the start of 2021, we reaffirmed our commitment to empowering the lives of women, no matter their story. We launched a series of programs to this effect and you can learn more about that here –

I am still available for one-to-one work and workshops provided social distancing can be observed.I can be contacted here if you’re interested in that. Pivoting is good and I’m happy you’ve come this far with me, some of you since 2014. I hope you will find value in the new direction of the platform and we can continue to learn and share from each other. Here’s to the next six years!