There’s a danger in becoming stuck in a story. You end up getting defined by it and find a home in your used-to-be’s. It’s costly to remain in a space you’ve outgrown. Being able to pivot is vital to one’s growth.
When I launched FemmePowered back in 2014, it was a personal blog. I was coming out of an abusive marriage that left me with emotional and physical scars. I found that putting my story on paper was very therapeutic to me and encouraging to others.
Opening my soul for the world to see (and sometimes judge) hasn’t been easy. But the willingness to be vulnerable and share on that difficult period of my life has been worth it. I grew. I found my tribe. I inspired other women. I started much-needed conversations. And not just conversations on empowering women, but also on transforming our communities.
I am always craving expansion. Expansion nudges me forward. It lets me know it’s time to pivot and evolve. The journey to come to this sense of knowing has been incredible. In the process of growing and re-writing my story, I’ve found that I’ve outgrown it. I no longer want to be identified by where I’ve been. Only where I am going, who I am becoming.
In June 2018, I took the decision to officially incorporate FemmePowered as a non-profit and also pivot its course while remaining woman-centric. The new focus is now on developing entrepreneurs, improving employability opportunities for women, and supporting business leaders. At FemmePowered we hold the belief that we all win when more women start businesses and stand in leadership roles. It doesn’t matter if we helm one-woman shops or multinational corporations. What matters is that we are making strides in empowering ourselves economically. We are here to help women share their gifts and ideas with the people they matter to, by providing them with the support, tools, and resources they may need.
I’m not setting a torch to the old content on site, you can still find my old blog posts. However, going forward the content will take a new direction. If this new phase resonates with you, do stick around. Exciting things are coming. If not, thank you for your support over the years.